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Product Spring recognizes the need companies have for fast, cost effective, and reliable product development. We work for small and medium companies, entrepreneurs, start-ups, and innovators to engineer, prototype, manufacture and market their product ideas. Our efficient processes, developed and used in the best product development companies, are optimized for the needs of our customers.

1.  We understand the needs of small/medium companies, startups, entrepreneurs and innovators.



2.  We provide cost effective, high quality product development.



3.  We protect our customer’s intellectual property (IP).



4.  We serve consumer products and point of purchase display industries.

Full Service Product Development

Product Spring provides full scale product innovation and development services including: strategy, design, engineering, prototyping, and technology development.

Cost Effective, High Quality Manufacturing

Product Spring combines rigorous engineering and quality control with aggressive sourcing capabilities worldwide to save our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars by providing better quality manufactured products at lower prices.

Launch Services for Start Ups & Inventors

Product Spring has tailored services to meet the needs of dynamic new companies. Our approach is to help you reach and navigate key decision points as efficiently as possible, to maximize your investment and ensure a successful product launch.

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