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Product Spring creates proof of concept, design and production prototypes for form, fit and function qualification prior to production.  Our network of China and USA based model shops have capabilities to build the full range of prototypes at any order quantity.  

Model making capabilities include full CAD design, digital sculpting, rapid prototyping, 4 axis milling, CNC machining, sculpting, model making, surface refinement, color spraying and urethane casting.  In addition, Product Spring has electronic programmers who can design and build working PCBA's to be integrated with the mechanical housing to create works like, looks like samples just like production. These prototypes can be used for aesthetic approval, sales presentations, usability testing, engineering design refinement and market research.  

Industrial Design

Product Spring designers create product features using good aesthetic form, optimum manufacturability and best value. Our team is talented, experienced and focused on the success of your program. The industrial design group’s specific areas of focus include: aesthetic and form development, product-brand alignment, user-centered design, ergonomics and human factors, interface design, feature development and idea generation.

Our proven design process focuses on broad ideation balanced with disciplined decision making. We confirm business goals, target markets, manufacturing capabilities, cost projections and project requirements. You will have a clear design direction and collateral that may be used for concept presentation to executives, buyers, potential licensors, focus groups and market researchers. Concept solutions that emerge from Product Spring’s design process are viable and complete, with clear paths to production and commercialization.

Market Insights


Product Spring designs and executes market research studies to test product ideas, features and branding with consumers through online surveys, focus groups, depth interviews and other qualitative methods. Our President owned a focus group center focused on adult and children's market research. We know when and what type of market research to use for providing real insight and value for assured decision-making.


Product Spring utilizes global product development strategies to engineer mechanical and electronic products to meet functional requirements provided.  Our team includes mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, quality specialists and manufacturing experts who are thorough, fast and detailed oriented.  All products are optimized to remove every unnecessary cent from the manufacturing cost.

The mechanical team are plastic design experts who have developed projects requiring mechanisms, gear trains, electronics packaging and complex housing shapes.  Once the industrial design is finalized, product engineering generates a 3D digital model to analyze manufacturability, material requirements, ease of assembly, form, fit and function for each component designed in the assembly.  

Our electronic engineers develop circuit design, select hardware components and execute software programming.  They have extensive experience with color displays, LED's, motion detectors, motor control systems and extending product battery life.   

Product Spring's quality engineers develop qualification testing plans, QC specifications and audit plans to maintain the highest level of product quality possible.  Our quality audit team then inspects all shipments before they leave the factory.  



Product Spring is a turnkey manufacturer of mechanical and electronic products with the ability to meet any demand using a global supply chain.  Our President grew up in China and has extensive experience manufacturing products in Asia and the USA.  We are much more than just a sourcing company. Our services are built on almost two decades of experience developing, launching and manufacturing products in many industries. Rather than just finding factories that could make your products, we align the suppliers that should make your products from our network of experienced vendors. This allows us to optimize for quality and cost as we coordinate and manage the entire manufacturing, production and quality control process for your product.

Through our factory network, we have the capability to manufacture almost any type of consumer or point of purchase product in both short run and high volume.  Some of these manufacturing capabilities include injection molding, vacuum forming, extrusion, blow molding, lithographic printing, silk screening, diecutting, lamination, sonic welding, solvent bonding, electronics, complex assembly and sewing soft goods.

Product Spring has worldwide supply chain experience to manage logistics, warehousing, inventory control and retailer's EDI requirements.

Product Marketing

Product Spring designs marketing campaigns for new product launches including branding, packaging, public relations, point of purchase displays, advertising and digital marketing.  Our network of branding agencies and packaging designers can create the right presence for your product.  Combine that with the right marketing mix of advertising, public relations, point of sale and digital marketing that is customized for your product yields sales success.  DRTV is another vehicle that we have experience using if the product is right.



Product Spring directs worldwide distribution plans for selling direct to consumers, thru retailers and using B2B sales strategies


The following is a full list of Product Spring’s capabilities.  Our work performed is customized to each client’s needs.  Some clients need all our services listed below, while others utilize only a portion of our services.  These services are performed by our network of suppliers and contractors that are top in their respective industries and work at the most competitive prices.

​Product Spring acts as a program manager to direct the project's activities and optimize the conflicting aspects of schedule, resources, product features, product cost, and program budget.  This team also provides product development consulting and strategy development to assist businesses as they set off in their product endeavors.



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