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President and Owner

An entrepreneur who has founded 4 start-up businesses, Chris Dooley is inspired by new opportunities. Chris currently owns 2 companies including Clever Innovations a point of purchase advertising equipment manufacturer and Product Spring a children’s product inventing business with over 70 items sold to date in the toy, swimming pool and juvenile industries.  Previously Chris owned Elephant Steps a children’s recreation center that also provided focus group services to Playtex, Fisher Price and many others. Additionally Chris owned Online Devices that was the exclusive sales representatives for Elan Microelectronics Co in North America.


Before founding his own businesses, Chris worked for consumer product companies including Hasbro, Marvel’s Toy Biz division as a Vice President and iRobot where he was responsible for Marketing, Sales and Operations for the launch of Roomba the robotic vacuum cleaner. Chris has a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from Villanova University and an MBA in Marketing & Finance from New York University. Chris is the inventor of 11 issued patents and 7 additional patents pending.  Chris grew up in Hong Kong and has extensive experience sourcing products from China.

Areas of expertise:
Product Development                                                 Consulting 
New Product Launches                                               Pricing
Operations Strategy                                                   Supply Chain Management
Negotiations & Deal Closing                                        Distribution Channel Strategy
Project Management                                                  Market Research
Process Reengineering                                               Intellectual Property
Technology Management & Implementation                 
Product & Sales Presentations
Asian Sourcing & Procurement                                    

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